Picture This! Studio & Gallery Inc. Fallon, Nevada

Peg and Michael-(engagement/wedding) Thank you both so much for being a part of our special day.  That day was such a blur, but when I look at the pictures I feel as if it was just yesterday that I married the love of my life.  Thank you for capturing such breathtaking memories.  At the “First Look”, I do have to say it was better than I thought it was going to be… it was so much more.  I had such a nice time being able to relax before I saw Mathew and having you keeping me occupied by taking my photos was just the right thing.  When it came time to see my prince charming, I thank you for being so patient.  I didn’t realize that the emotions were taking over.  I just couldn’t help but cry tears of joy to be steps away from marrying my best friend, and knowing he has waited months to see me in my dress.  I couldn’t have done it without your support and amazing positive attitude when things came unexpectedly.. Even though you were around in that surreal moment time stood still and it was just Mat and me.  From that moment till the time we said our vows, it felt as if you captured every memory, every moment and the best part is I don’t even remember the camera being in our way!  lol, it’s as if you were all invisible capturing the magic. We have enjoyed getting to know you and your staff throughout this while experience, and look forward to our future family photos too.  Again, from our family to yours, thank you all so much for everything.  Love always, xoxo, Kim and Mat Boni <3

Amy Alvarez-
(family) Amazing, Wonderful!! We had a wonderful time. Peg captured our family in a way words can’t describe. Peg has an incredible spirit and you are drawn to her, which brings out the beauty inside all of us!! Thank you so much!!!!

Joye Carey-
(boudoir) The Ladies Night experience was amazing! I felt liberated and gained an appreciation for my body. The women involved created a wonderful energy that we all fed off of which made us more uninhibited and able to fully enjoy the experience. I highly recommend this to any woman who needs a boost to their self-esteem and wants to feel and look sexy.

Holly Padilla-(pet) Peg & Michael made this such a fun experience.  Working with three dogs to take the picture and then seeing the final product.  Absolutely gorgeous!!

Kate and Daryll Erwin-
(family) Peg and Michael really captured the love and adoration I have for my family, with our portraits!!  Peg and Michael were so kind and caring during the shoot.  They are so special to us, and I’m so glad we were able to have our family portraits done by them. Thank you so much for everything.  We love you!

Kenzi Dahl-(senior) Peg’s pictures are the most creative and she has the best attitude when taking them.  She’s always smiling.

Joseph Floyd-(senior) My experience with Picture This! was a great start to my senior year!  The photo shoot went so smooth and fun, that I was sad when it ended.  I was nervous about my senior pictures because I know they had to be good.  The only place I could trust was Picture This and they exceeded my expectations by far.  I am very happy with how my pictures turned out and am very grateful for everything that Picture This has done for me.

Cassandra Kunzi-
(senior) I was very nervous going and posing in front of someone I did not know very well. But as the day went on with my session, Peg made me feel so comfortable. It was great. Also posing in the river was a great experience not only for me but also my Mom, she got to see her little girl grow up. I will always remember walking into the river having mud squish in between our toes. Thanks so much for the great experience with the whole Picture This staff. I had great fun. P.S. My portraits were amazing! Love Always, Cassie

Bryan and Afton Yarwick-
(newborn) We had our first session with our brand new baby and it was a wonderful experience. Peg and Michael are very professional and also understanding when it comes to photographing a new baby. We didn’t feel rushed at all. We will be back for more photo sessions! Thank You!

DeAnn Vasquez-
(boudoir) My experience at Picture This was wonderful! Peg made me feel beautiful! Every woman needs to do this for herself. When I came it was for someone else, by the time I left I knew it was for me.

Elena Murray-(senior) Picture This made me feel very comfortable!  My senior pictures were fun and I look forward to coming back to Picture This in the future for more pictures!

Cj & Chris Lewis-(engagement/wedding) We are so excited about the beautiful pictures you have already taken and anxiously anticipating the wonderful pictures you will be taking on our wedding day. We know that we can trust you to capture the most important day of our lives with beautiful, unique, and wonderfully edited pictures. Thank you for all that you have done and what you are going to do. We couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful photographer!! We love how well you work with us and we love your work!!!! Thanks again, Chris Lenwell and CJ Casey

WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE OUR PICTURES!!!!!! I never doubted that you would amaze us and you have amazed us once again!!! Thank you for capturing our special day with such beauty and class!!! It was so much fun working with you and you worked beautifully with all my family!! We are very excited to see the rest of the pictures!! You always make us look so good!! (cute smile) Thanks so much!! Ms and Mrs Lenwell 🙂

Ashlie Saili-(children) I am amazed with not only your work, but your patience!  Thank you for always having the patience and smiles even in my struggle to make choices with pictures.