Picture This! Studio & Gallery Inc. Fallon, Nevada

Studio Information

What are your studio hours?

Our regular studio hours are from 9:30am-5:30pm Tuesday-Friday.
Although available from 10-4 for portrait sessions, we recommend morning appointments as the best time to have your portrait done. This is the time that everyone tends to be fresh for the day and helps to avoid coming in with the “whole day” on one’s shoulders so to speak. With younger children under the age of 5, we require morning sessions.

What are good stages to photograph children?

Please see the “Once Upon a Lifetime” button on our site and then look under WHEN SHOULD MY CHILD BE PHOTOGRAPHED, and you will find the Seven Ages of Childhood. This is great information on when and how to preserve your child’s history through professional portraiture.

What is the price of commissioning Peg Buckner and Michael Hewitt (a husband and wife team) for your portrait art?

The photography session is $95 for individuals or couples and $135 for families at our studio. Large families are additional and locations are available at additional fees.

I would like to decorate my home or office with a unique portrait, what are your designing suggestions?

We have a particular program that is so helpful to show you, what your portraits will virtually look like in your home.  All you have to do is email us an image from your phone or email! We can plug that image into our program and actually show you how your favorite images will look over your sofa, mantle or other important area of your home or office! This is particularly nice in deciding what size to purchase, because you can actually see it (virtually) there!!

What type of clothing should be worn for our portrait session?

Clothing options vary depending on the style of the session being done. The majority of sessions we photograph are truly capturing the relationships of our families and children together. The goal is to direct the viewer’s eye to the faces and relational elements of the photograph. Therefore, we recommend simple, long-sleeved black clothing for our fine-art relational portrait subjects in the studio. For other portraiture, such as on location or environmental, we recommend simple, solid colors that blend well together. Avoid mixtures of light and dark tones together as this creates “visual confusion”. Also, patterns in clothing should be avoided. With careful planning and communication with us, we can be sure to create for you an art piece that is reflective of who you and your family are.

How do we view the images from our portrait session?

We use a slideshow presentation on a nine foot theatre screen for you to make your selections. After your portrait session, we will set up an ordering time for you. During this time, we can show all the images including cropping, black & white, color, or sepia toned ways to have your image look. At this time we will also discuss all of the re-touching options for your portraits.

We allow plenty of time for ordering and decision making in a relaxed atmosphere in our theatre gallery. This appointment is included with your session fee. We ask that you plan on making your decisions during this scheduled time. Additional ordering sessions are charged at the rate of $50 per ordering session scheduled. Please allow approximately an hour and a half to two hours for your ordering time as we do not want you to be rushed.

How long do your images last?

Our images are guaranteed for a lifetime of enjoyment. We use only the best in printing available today! Your portraiture will be around for generations to become a valuable heirloom.

Whether you are a new customer or a long-time client, the planning session is of utmost importance to create a unique image. Our photography is artistically conceived and planned in advance to insure that your finished portrait is a true reflection of the subject’s personality and character. Along with the usual discussion of clothing, make-up and style, we will discuss the personality traits of those being photographed as well as their relationship with one another.

The following guidelines and suggestions will help give a clearer vision as to the direction of the portrait session.

  • Timeless clothing which is simple and classic will help your portrait stand the test of time. Your child or family is the focal point of our work, therefore it is of utmost importance that clothing choices compliment and not distract from the overall balance and focus of your image. If you are doing a Color Study, keep your choices subtle and solid with everyone in the portrait wearing the same shade and “color family”. Work for balance, harmony and color coordination. We recommend that adults wear long or three-quarter length sleeves. Youthful subjects can wear strapless or sun dresses, but these are best avoided in group portraits. Select clothing that will be flattering when seated, such as a long flared skirt instead of a mini-skirt.
  • For a black and white Relationship Portrait, if you want to wear nail polish, French manicures are best. If you are not using the studio wardrobe; bring simple, long-sleeved, black or navy turtlenecks or shirts as well as black or navy pants or a skirt.
  • Due to glare and distortion, glasses should be removed during your session. Or, if you prefer to wear them, you may want to have the lenses removed.
  • As you will appear to be wearing slightly less make-up in the photograph than you actually are, please wear your usual make-up plus a slight extra touch of blush, very well blended. Extra mascara is also recommended. Bring all of your make-up with you for applying as needed. Remember to keep jewelry simple and avoid wearing a watch to the session. Styling your hair at home is the most convenient, but feel free to bring what’s needed for touch-ups.
  • We know that great images take time and concentration. Our advice is to pick a style or a mood and focus on it. Too many clothing & background changes leave little time to focus on what truly matters.
  • Parents of a newborn, who want their baby photographed without a diaper, will want to be prepared for accidents and bring extra slacks or a skirt.
  • The “window of opportunity” with children is short. We suggest doing individual sittings in order to capture each child’s unique personality. At certain ages, incorporating a parent into the sitting helps to stabilize the child and allows each child to be most relaxed and looking his or her best.
  • Please resist the urge to tell your child to smile or insist they be on their best behavior as this often backfires. Simply say “we are having our portrait taken and it will be fun.” We have photographed hundreds of children and assure you this is the best way. Remember, pre-planning is the best way to put your mind at ease that all will go well on the day of your session!
  • If you have any questions, feel free to call us and we can help you with all concerns! 775-423-9700